Used copiers in Jacksonville

By travis / July 18, 2012 / Comments Off on Used copiers in Jacksonville

We have used copiers Something that I’ve noticed while working with businesses to find copiers is that they jump straight to the new machines. This can be really good, but what if you’re working on a precise budget or you don’t need a copier for a standard amount of time? There are a lot of…

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11X17 copiers in Jacksonville

By travis / July 7, 2012 / Comments Off on 11X17 copiers in Jacksonville

Are you looking at 11×17 copiers in Jacksonville? If you do a lot of printing on 11×17 size papers then having a machine with tabloid capabilities isn’t much of an option. Maybe you don’t though, you might be one of the many businesses in the middle. If you do some 11×17 but not high volumes…

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Are you looking for Document Management?

By travis / June 30, 2012 / Comments Off on Are you looking for Document Management?

Document management in Jacksonville If you have been in contact with any document management companies here in Jacksonville then you may have heard the term capture being thrown around. The idea is pretty basic, capturing is the method you choose to get your paper documents put into electronic form, typically through a scanner or a…

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Document management companies

By travis / June 21, 2012 / Comments Off on Document management companies

Jacksonville document management As your search for document management progresses you find more out and new questions arise. If you haven’t looked at indexing yet then I’d like to help you out and raise the question now. Indexing, put simply is how you mark your documents as they go into your document management system. You…

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You might be putting your employees’ health at risk

By travis / June 11, 2012 / Comments Off on You might be putting your employees’ health at risk

Jacksonville, keep you employees safe Do you know what VOCs are? If not then you probably don’t know that copiers commonly produce them. As you may have guessed these “VOCs” aren’t too good for you. VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compounds and the one you should be particularly concerned with is ozone. Here…

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Copier training

By travis / May 31, 2012 / Comments Off on Copier training

Do you train your employees on your new copiers? After you spend thousands of dollars on a copier, take the time to sift through all the quotes and go through the process of choosing one the last thing you want to do is shell out more money for training and installation. At least that is…

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How to keep you color costs in check

By travis / May 21, 2012 / Comments Off on How to keep you color costs in check

Tips and guidelines for color printing in Jacksonville You may have noticed that a color copier can get your color printing costs lower than a color printer. If you are considering making this switch, or you have recently done so it would be wise to keep a few things in mind. In our experience the following steps…

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Tricks of the Trade

By travis / May 16, 2012 / Comments Off on Tricks of the Trade

Understand how lease steps work in Jacksonville A little known element of lease is the use of steps. Lending institutions use these steps for copiers and most other types of leases as well. Let’s say you were about to buy a little copier for $3001 on a 48 month lease. Your monthly FMV cost would…

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