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Jacksonville Copier Leasing

Need to buy or lease a copier? We work with you to help you get the perfect copier!

I need 3 quotes, can you help? - We can get you a quote, no problem. We like to compete for your business. It is helpful if we can see what you have or what we need to beat to earn your business.

New & Used Copiers in Jacksonville

As you are looking for a new or used copier in Jacksonville, we would love to help. We have new and used copiers, which have been either refurbished by the factory, or by a factory authorized technician. This isn't just a spray it with some air and move to the next copier.

We check the rollers, the scanning unit, make sure it can pick paper from various trays, look at the useful life on consumable items. It is a copier you can trust for years to come.

Of course for most clients, they just get the right new copier because often the price is fairly similar.

Comparisons & Compatibility


We sell multiple brands of copiers, so we can do side by side comparisons for you!


We have an IT professional (but not IT Services) so that we can help your network run as smooth as your copiers.

Looking to Get the Right Copier in Miami?

We Find Out if You Need New or Used Copiers and Help!

We Work for You

We work on your behalf with the manufacturers to ensure you get the pricing and support you deserve!  We know you trust us to keep it all going smoothly.

Easy Leasing

We can get you approved in a matter of hours without long lease paperwork documents to fill out.  Normally most approvals are within 4 business hours.


Tablet & Cell Printing

Get that tablet PC to work with your copier just like your computers do.  We can also show you how to use AirPrint or Mopria for cell printing.

Free Copiers

OK, maybe they aren't "free" but we do have copiers with no money down!  So if you need to get a copier, but are not wanting to burn all the savings to purchase one, we can help out.

Brands or Copiers to Avoid?

We don’t like speaking poorly of our competitors. We proudly represent Xerox and will do what we can to earn your business. Ultimately, you just need to feel comfortable that whoever you choose to work with has your back.



Work with a Xerox dealer who is dedicated to keeping your uptime at 100% or as near 100% as possible.  This includes keeping supplies on the shelf.



Lease a copier for 1,2,3,4, or 5 years ? We do both short term and long term leases.  We explain how leasing works if you haven't leased a copier before.



Learn some secrets on what you need to do if you are coming up on the end of your lease.  It can be a bit trickier than we all wish when you are in a bad situation.

Where to Go to Learn Some More About Copiers

We try and keep you up to date by publishing some information about what is happening in the world of copiers.

Check out the Xerox Supplies Website

Looking to replenish your printing supplies but don’t trust the bargain brands? Click the link below to check out the North American supplies website or app and find products simply by searching your model number, supply type or by a part number. It also allows you to compare products to see which device will be…

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Xerox ConnectKey Technology

Xerox ConnectKey Technology has many benefits that will help your business get things done faster and easier. The main advantage is that your copier will be enabled for both mobile printing and cloud connectivity. This means you can print from your Android mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the office. New installation wizards streamline…

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Xerox Apps Used For Productivity!

Technology is ever-changing. Apps are a part of that. They can make life better but sometimes it’s hard to know which App to choose. A few things to remember when choosing an App for your Xerox device. Make sure the app you’ve chosen can actually achieve what you expect it to. Just because an app…

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How we can help - We have partners for folding units, document management and copiers in Jacksonville.

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