Color Copiers in Jacksonville

Color Copiers in Jacksonville

Color Copiers in Jacksonville

Have you been looking for a color copier in Jacksonville?  Color copiers are our business!  If you are wondering what the difference between Duty Cycle and Workload is, you’re at the right spot!  We here at Jacksonville Copier have the sales experience and technical savvy to help you with your color copier purchase.

Having lots of questions is a good thing, and it will save you a lot of cash.  We believe an informed customer is the best customer, so here’s a list of question you should know the answer to when you call.

What’s your purchasing/leasing time frame? Do you need it yesterday, or are you a couple months out on your copier contract? Are you looking for something right away, or do you have a little time to really evaluate all your options.   The more time you have, the better decision you’ll most likely make.   We want you to know you’re getting the best copier at the best price for your needs.   We do rush orders, and we’ll make sure we give you the best advice based on the information you give us.

What sizes of paper do you print  on? Do you print on legal?   Are the two color copies a year you publish on tabloid paper enough to justify another $800?   Are you planning on making changes to your marketing brochures, church bulletin, or restaurant menu?

Do you have a sample file of what you normally print? We can run a test print for you to show you the quality of print you’ll end up with based on all of your information.   A less expensive printer may provide the quality you are looking for without dinging your budget.

What’s your budget? Are you looking for higher up-front costs for long-term savings, or are you wanting lower up-front costs and a lease?   Are you familiar with coverage, and the Total Cost of Ownership?  

What are the finishing options you use? Do you make booklets?   Do you need stapling?   Knowing this helps eliminate getting oversold on extra options (that can cost you up to $1,000 more on your copier).

With these basic pieces of information, we can help you get a color copier in Jacksonville that will meet your needs and your budget!  We want to make sure you’re getting the machine that’s right for your needs.   We don’t want to sell you something with all the bells and whistles just to make more on our comission.   Our goal is getting the best color copier for your needs.   Give us a call for a consultation or quote!