Welcome!   This is my sales blog for copiers here in Jacksonville.   I’m writing this for a couple reasons.   First, I want you to find us when you look for me online.   Second, I want to help educate consumers here in the Jacksonville area about copiers.   There can be a lot of margin in copier sales, which is why there are so many copier sales people beating down the doors of every large Jacksonville business building.   I want you to be an educated customer.   When you call, I want you to already know the pitfalls, traps, and common mistakes when buying your new copier (or fixing an old one).   Feel free to read posts related to your copier need.   There are a lot of copier models on the market, so I’ll try to include information, tips, and reviews about the most common brands.   Give me a call with any of your questions or needs.   Enjoy the site, and I look forward to working with you.