Copier training

Do you train your employees on your new copiers?

After you spend thousands of dollars on a copier, take the time to sift through all the quotes and go through the process of choosing one the last thing you want to do is shell out more money for training and installation. At least that is what it seems like, because almost no businesses get it. The way that I see it is that you just bought a sophisticated expensive machine, so why not follow through and make sure that you can get the most out of it?

Here’s symbolic example of things that happen all of the time. You need a 1/4 page flier for you sales department to hand out. The person who makes them is probably going to copy the original, shrink it, shrink it again, print it, then cut and paste it before the final product is done 20 minutes later. With the proper training they would have known how to do it  in three minutes without degrading the quality of you advertising. How many hours could this save in a year? How about five years? For a couple hundred dollars, training goes a long way.

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