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As your search for document management progresses you find more out and new questions arise. If you haven’t looked at indexing yet then I’d like to help you out and raise the question now.

Indexing, put simply is how you mark your documents as they go into your document management system. You can index one at a time on your copier, or you can scan documents in in batches at a work station. When we work with clients we recommend that they go with the second option. It keeps you from having to train the entire office how to use a new system and it will help the indexing to be more uniform because one person is doing it.

Also having to do with indexing, how will you files be stored? If your files are being stored in a form that looks like n73q45b rather then a_b_c_invoice.pdf then you may have a problem. Document management companies go out of business all of the time, how are you going to transfer your files if they are stuck in a format that you don’t understand and you can’t transfer?

We offer document management, feel free to call if you want to hear more.