Used copiers in Jacksonville

We have used copiers

Something that I’ve noticed while working with businesses to find copiers is that they jump straight to the new machines. This can be really good, but what if you’re working on a precise budget or you don’t need a copier for a standard amount of time? There are a lot of ways that used copiers can solve problems and it’s worth considering. If it looks like a used copier is right for you then consider this as well.

We have used Xerox copiers, used Lexmark copiers, used Kyocera copiers, and used HP copiers that are all available in the Jackson area. Each of our machines is gone over by one of our technicians before it’s sent out, and they all come standard with a 30 day onsite warranty.

The majority of these machines were simply turned in at the end of their lease and still have a lot of life left. Whatever your case may be, used copiers shouldn’t be ruled out too hastily.

Call us and we would be more than happy to talk about your particular situation.