How to keep you color costs in check

Tips and guidelines for color printing in Jacksonville

You may have noticed that a color copier can get your color printing costs lower than a color printer. If you are considering making this switch, or you have recently done so it would be wise to keep a few things in mind. In our experience the following steps will help you get the most out of a color copier.

  1. Set people’s default print to black and white. Make sure that you set the option to “use black ink only” because composite grey often counts as color.
  2. Before you sign anything, look at what kind of documents that you are printing. If you do a lot of color then you do not want to sign a contract that will allow you to be charged if your color is greater than 20% coverage.
  3. Don’t pay for scans, if you do then definitely do not pay more than $.oo15 per scan.
  4. Take the time to get trained on the manufacturer’s tools for managing print costs. They all have something in one form or another and you need to use them.

If you need to buy a color copier, or any copier for that matter please call us.