Used Copiers in Jacksonville


As you are looking for a used copier in Jacksonville, we would love to help.  We have used copiers which have been either refurbished by the factory, or by a factory authorized technician.  This isn’t just a spray it with some air and move to the next copier.

We check the rollers, the scanning unit, make sure it can pick paper from various trays, look at the useful life on consumable items.  It is a copier you can trust for years to come.

If you are looking for a used copier, what are some things to look at?

Page Count – If the page count is super high (1,000,000 copies is a ton, for example) – think of pages like miles.  Divide pages by 5 and that is roughly like a car analogy.  So one with a copier with 300,000 pages, it might be like 60k miles.

Pricing – There should be a large discount on used.  It normally isn’t over $3,000 even for a nice copier.  If it is super low meter and fast, it may be close to that.  Just super used can be closer to $1200.