The Xerox Print Service Plug-in

Mobile devices have changed how individuals and businesses alike approach digital design. It’s quite common for people to edit, create and enhance their projects while they’re on the go. People now have the freedom to simply grab their phone or tablet and get to work on projects. However, it’s often considerably more difficult to actually print those finished projects from a mobile device. But Xerox has simplified the process of printing from Android devices through its Print Service Plug-in.

Xerox’s Print Service plug-in can be used with a wide variety of Xerox printers. Likewise, it can be used with the vast majority of Android devices. Any phone, tablet or other device that uses Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or higher can use Xerox Print Service. And users will find that they have a wealth of options when using the service.

Installing the service couldn’t be easier. You simply need to install the plug-in from Google’s Play Store. The printing process begins by using the service to locate a printer. The search process can be done automatically. Or, if you have specific network information, you can just enter that information manually.

When you use the service you’ll be presented with a wide range of options. The default options are usually perfect for most documents. But you can also choose between options that will impact the quality of your print job. Some of these include the paper orientation, number of copies, and whether it’s color or monochrome. All of these factors create a service that’s both easy to use and scalable for more advanced print jobs.

People who enjoy the Print Service plug-in might also like Xerox’s Mobile Print Solution and Mobile Print Cloud. These systems can be used alongside or instead of Xerox’s Print Service plug-in on Android devices. These methods provide some options which aren’t available in the standard Print Service plug-in. One of the most significant features, when compared to the Print Service plug-in, is the ability to work with both Xerox and non-Xerox printers. But any of these solutions will provide users with a significant level of freedom when working with print jobs from Android devices.