Getting a Copier Upgrade

Is your office copier still living up to the needs that your business has? It’s not uncommon for your office machine to not be able to handle your workload as well as it once had. This could be because the machine isn’t as new as it once was, or, more often, it’s because your business needs have changed over time. Either way, if your are planning on getting a copier upgrade then there are something that you are going to want to consider. 

  • Do you want to work with the same company? If so, then you are probably in a good spot. Your leasing company already knows you so they are often more likely to want to work together. You may be able to even work out discounts on things like copier shipping if you decide to work with the same company.
  • Why do you need to upgrade? Is this coming at the end of your lease or were you forced into an upgrade in the middle of a current lease? Did your copier handle all the jobs it needed to over the years? What would you like to see improved in your next copier?
  • Did you plan enough for your businesses future? Many times people experience the need for an upgrade because they did not plan ahead enough. Copier leases often go for around 5 years, and you can expect your business to change in that time. If you outgrew your machine then you might want to consider planning ahead a little more this time around.

Getting a copier upgrade is a great way to get your business working like it should. You can get something that will get your office working with great efficiency again. See our awesome team at Jacksonville Copier to learn more about getting a copier upgrade for your office.