How to Judge your Copier Contract

There is a lot to look over when you are getting your first copier contract. We always recommend reading through everything carefully, but there are three big areas to consider when judging your copier contract. At Jacksonville Copier we consider time, cost, and efficiency to be the three big areas to consider when judging your copier contract.

  1. Consider the true costs of your copier. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your lease payment is all you need to worry about. You don’t want to be going over budget because you didn’t read things closely enough. Look deep into the costs of your machine and truly understand all that you can. This will help you avoid signing a contract that only looks good on the surface.
  2. Evaluate how the machine helps you. The whole purpose of getting a new office machine is to help you get more done. Your office machine should be making your office more efficient than you would be before you had it. If it is not really helping you get more done then it might not be a great option. It’s also important to note if it’s helping you in the right areas. There’s no point in getting a color copier if you only need a high capacity monochrome printer.
  3. Know your time restraints. You will probably experience malfunction or need maintenance at some point along the way. Know how long it will take to get the help you need. If you need help as soon as possible then you need to make sure you can get proper assistance.

Once again, at Jacksonville Copier we always recommend doing whatever you can to really understand your lease. However, if you are satisfied in these three areas then you will probably be ok with the lease you are about to sign.