Avoid Raised Rates on Copiers

It is a big commitment to lease a copier for your business. They are expensive machines with monthly payments that add to your expenses. That’s why it can be a terrible thing to see that your rates have raised over the course of your copier lease. Where days ago you had a set plan, now you have to scramble to make sure that you can pay the extra money. At Jacksonville Copier, we think that practices like this are unfair. We believe in honesty and want to help you avoid raised rates on copiers in Jacksonville.

Raising rates mid-lease is a tactic used by sneaky copier leasing companies so they can make extra money. They will do their best to sneak a provision into your lease that allows for this to happen. You may not always notice this is in your agreement, which is done on purpose to keep you in the dark.

Many lease agreements will state that your leasing company is able to raise rates after 2 years. They will often put some percentage in that stipulates how much your rates will be raised on your copier. It can always be expected to pay a little more as inflation rises, but some leases will raise rates as much as 12% each year.

This can hurt you more in the long-run than most people give it credit for. For example:

  • Let’s say you were paying $100 for 10,000 prints at the start of your lease
  • You have a provision that your rates will rise 12% after the second year
  • By the 5th year you would be paying $157 for the same 10,000 prints!

That extra $57 a month may not seem like a lot, but it will end up costing you almost $700 extra on just your fifth year!

If you want to avoid raised rates on your copier you need to try and negotiate this out of your contract before you sign. Some leasing companies will try and convince you that they can raise rates, but that they won’t necessary do it. While that is true in theory, if they can raise rates then they usually will.

Don’t get tricked into paying more than you need to on your copier lease. Let Jacksonville Copier be your ally in the world of copier leases, and let us help you avoid raised rates on copiers today!