Copier Rentals: When Does It Make Sense?

Need a new copier, but you do not want to commit to a $10,000-$12,000 contract? While you could also look at used copiers or cheaper models, you need top quality for your project. In these situations, it makes more sense to look at rentals. You will not feel stuck in a long-term contract, and you will not have to deal with low quality.

Copier rentals make sense when you want to open a new office location, but you do not know if it will succeed. Maybe you have a large six-month project that does not require a long-term commitment. Under these circumstances, a rental makes more sense. You may also want to consider a rental when doing a show or convention. During these times, receiving a quote on a rental will help you decide.

However, if you plan to use the copier long term, then a rental makes less sense because the company can call the copier back at any time. This will leave you stranded for important clients. If you want to learn more about copier rentals, contact our Jacksonville business. We can help you to decide if leasing, buying or renting will fit your situation.