Understanding the Xerox ColorQube 9300 Series

While the ColorQube 9303 claims speeds of up to 90 pages per minute, you have to read the specs carefully. It also says that it prints 55 pages per minute. Why does it say this? Essentially, it means that if resolution does not matter for the job, 90 pages per minute will be the top speed. Nevertheless, the 55 pages per minute will give you better quality.

The wax technology will differ from the traditional models. First, you can add more wax when printing, and it is not difficult to put wax in the copier. Interesting to note about wax-based printers, you have a non-toxic supply and the petroleum needed for production of supplies will be less. What is the greatest appeal to the Xerox ColorQube 9301, ColorQube 9302 and the ColorQube 9303? You can use color printing for less than two cents per page. Xerox breaks this down into three color categories:

  • Black Plus Useful Color
  • Everyday Color
  • Expressive Color (five to six cents)

A printer from this series does cost $20,000, but if you do a lot of printing in the long term, you will see significant savings. To find out if the ColorQube 9300 series will work for you, call our company today!