Jacksonville Ricoh Copier – Do You Need Tabloid?

Tabloid is a paper size that is commonly found in newspaper printing agencies. If you fold a broadsheet in half, or put two letter size papers together, you have a tabloid size. The dimensions of a tabloid size paper vary around 11 x 17 inches. When dealing with a copier representative, he might try to sell or lease a Jacksonville Ricoh A3 copier, but your organization could probably do well with an A4 copier. You might be wondering the differences between the two. An A3 copier machine will print Tabloid paper, and an A4 copier will only print Legal and Letter papers.

Typically, a copier capable of printing Tabloid is great for high volume prints. For example, if you are doing 30k pages per month on copier; then it makes sense to use a copier that can print Tabloid, because the engines are generally stronger and robust. The most common problem when it comes to Tabloid capable copiers is that many companies do not have the volume necessary to justify the expensive cost of Tabloid capable copiers. If you are printing about 20-30k a month, then you might find more use out of a Tabloid copier than most other companies.