A Copier or a Printer?

Are Copiers Always Cheaper Than Printers?belt-tightening

Many believe that a copier will always be cheaper than a laser printer. While in many cases the copier is the more cost effective option, understanding the total cost of ownership for both a copier and a printer can help you make a better choice for your Jacksonville business. When you go to a Jacksonville copier business, get the best deal by knowing whether the TCO of a copier makes it the best choice for your needs.

When comparing the price of printing copies with a laser printer and printing those same copies with a copier, the copier will often come out looking cheaper. Some mistakes people make when comparing prices include forgetting about electricity and maintenance costs, and forgetting about the cost of purchasing the copier versus a less expensive laser printer. A good Jacksonville copier business can help you figure out the TCO for copiers you want to consider.

Copiers are often the best choice for Jacksonville businesses that produce a high volume of copies. Consider the TCO of a copier and a printer before going to your local Jacksonville copier shop to make a purchase.