Color Copier Contracts in Jacksonville

More and more companies rely on their current Jacksonville copier vendor to provide a color copier. Most sales representatives love this because color copiers cost more than a traditional black-and-white machine.

If you do not pay attention to quality, you could accidentally purchase a ridiculously priced Jacksonville copier that makes few prints. Some people pay more than $400 a month to use a color copier that uses slightly over 1,500 pages per month. However, they cannot do anything about it because they signed a 60-month contract.

When examining a Jacksonville copier, here are some tips to save cash and get you a better copier:

  • Watch the print samples for what you print on a day-to-day basis. Looking at the sample prints from the manufacturer is useless, and it does not allow you to see the color of what your future copier will be.
  • If you use a Tabloid, does it cost more than Letter paper?
  • Finally, check for coverage penalties. Color copy and print prices are based on yields of 20 percent coverage. Whatever quoted will double, so look for available plans that won’t penalize you for going above 20 percent.