Warm Up Times for Copiers

If you’re shopping for a new copier in Jacksonville, it’s important to understand a little bit about warm-up time. If you don’t, it’s difficult to use it as a factor when determining which copy machine is right for you. Here’s a basic look to help you understand the topic of warm-up time.

How long a copier takes to complete a printing or copy job is a key factor in how productive it turns out to be. If a representative is only talking about copier speed, they’re avoiding other essentials. That’s always a red flag when you’re shopping. Ask outright about the warm-up time of the copy machines you’re interested in.

Warm-up time is the amount of time it takes for a machine to move through a job, from the time a page is put on the glass to pressing start and finally finishing. It’s an important consideration, because no matter what the copier’s actual speed is, a slow warm-up time means overall you’ll wait longer for a copy job to be completed.