Storing Your Copier Supplies

Jacksonville company owners who want to ensure that their businesses are functioning properly should note that their storage habits could be precluding them from accomplishing this objective. In many cases, Jacksonville business owners will purchase printing products like cartridges that will not be used immediately. Instead, they are placed in a storage room until it is time for them to be used. While this may seem like a prudent practice to engage in, it can cost your company a substantive amount of money. Read on to find out how.

As business professionals know, almost every product purchase will involve the manufacturer issuing a warranty. The warranty functions as the manufacturer’s guarantee to provide the purchaser with a refund or exchange on items that do not function as promised. Generally, warranties come with time constraints, meaning that purchasers are only able to get their refund or exchange within designated time periods-six months, for example. If your company is in the habit of storing printing products, this could pose a problem. How? Let’s say you purchased a cartridge with a warranty of one month and you stored it away for a year. If you discovered that it was broken and unable to use after removing it from storage one year following the date of purchase, you might not be able to get your refund. This is how your company storage habits can cost you money.

If you’re serious about ensuring that your company doesn’t waste money unnecessarily, be sure to talk to your Jacksonville manufacturer regarding the specific details of your warranty. In so doing, you can save your business money and help it stay on track to continual expansion and growth.