New or Used?

A copier can be an asset to any business in the Jacksonville area. There are, as with anything, a lot of different kinds to choose from. One of these options is whether you decide to get a new or used machine. If you are belt-tighteningtrying to decide whether you would like to buy a new or used copier, you should take certain things into consideration before pulling the trigger. 

Buying a new copier can definitely be a great option because new copiers have so many different kinds of features that older copiers just don’t. But this also comes with risk because you may end up getting sold a machine that includes features that you just don’t need, so you should make sure you have a good idea of what your company needs and what kind of copier will satisfy those needs.

Used copiers will be a lot cheaper than new copiers typically but this does come with some risk just because of how much use some copiers get put through. Make sure you have a  good idea about what kind of used copier you are buying before getting it. Make sure the proper parts have been replaced if they are the type that will wear out quickly. Also make sure that you get some sort of warranty on a used copier.

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