Aficio C2051

Ricoh copier company has been a stalwart in the copier industry for more than a half century and has especially helped Jacksonville companies succeed. Their commitment to quality has produced such copiers as

Change without Changing!

their Aficio C2051.

It has been proven to be a very durable machine that requires very little maintenance and repairs for long durations of time. A lot of copiers on the market today are built with pretty cheap materials that do not hold up in busy offices where they receive a lot of use. Ricoh has done a great job of standing against this recent trend.
On top of its durability the Aficio C2051 is a multi functioning copier with the capability to print up to 20 pages a minute. It also prints on both sides of the sheet of paper which help any office be more efficient, and with its print per minute ability, your office will be able to save time and money. A lot of this efficiency is due to the high functioning computer that it comes with. Each copier come with a 600 MHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM and a 160 GB hard-drive. This not your fathers copier machine. It means to be able to compete with any modern office equipment. 

If your Jacksonville area office wants to move into the modern era with Ricoh, please give us a call at (904) 207-7078 and we would love to be apart of your businesses’ continued success.