Knowing What You Need

Every business has a certain list of needs that they will need to accommodate with their copier. With so many different kinds of folding, page size, page color, and the like, it can get pretty confusing about exactly your bankruptcy-alternativescompany might need going forward. A good place to start is by reviewing your printing history. This will act as a guide about what kinds of options you will need from your copier. Asking questions like this, based on your printing past, will help your decision process along.

Will you need scanning or just copying?

Will you want to be able to network your copier with the rest of the office equipment?

Do you want to be able to automatically route jobs by scanning barcodes?

How often might you use scanning prints? Will you need it at all?

Will you need color prints or will black and white be enough?

Tabloid size and format?

Do you need a certain kind of stapling from your copier?

The more you understand the answers to questions like these, the more easily you will be able to make the decision about what kind of copier your office will need. It will get you the best device for your office because it will help your sales rep know what would be the best kinds of copiers for you to consider. If your Jacksonville area business would like help finding the best copier, please give us a call at (904) 207-7078.