Getting the Right Copier Lease

Getting the proper lease for your new copier will go a long ways in making the time you have your copier for a successful thing. Most of all, signing the best lease will usually result in a lot of savings for your company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about signing a new lease:

1. Don’t pay for the unnecessary “documentation fee” – this is usually 50 to 100 dollars and is just for creating belt-tighteningthe lease. Ask the sales rep to waive this.

2. Make sure you have enough time between receiving and paying monthly payments. A lot of times your company will only get a ten day window to pay a bill and for some companies this is not enough time to process a payment. Ask for something closer to a 30 day payment schedule. 

3. Even if your cost per print is low, make sure that you are aware of all the other fees that might not seem as significant. Look for things like cost for color copies, added feature fees and for how much things like toner will cost. Just make sure the whole list makes sense.

4. Make sure you show your rep proof of insurance for the new machine. If you don’t there can be costly long term fees that you will be charged by the leasing company so they can protect their machine.

5. Finally, make sure to read ALL of the fine print. If something does not make sense, have it explained and if it still doesn’t seem reasonable, ask to have it changed. 

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