What Do You Need From Your Jacksonville Copier?

aficiompc2051Your company has specific printing needs, and it deserves a Jacksonville copier that can meet those needs perfectly. Whether it is a specific fold, page size, or color, your printing products and previous printing history should be used to guide you in choosing a copier. Before you purchase a Jacksonville copier, ask yourself these questions:
• Do you want to Scan or only copy?
• Do you want to Print to the machine as a network printer?
• Do you want automatically routed jobs by scanning to folders? (This would involve technology utilizing barcodes.)
• Do you need to fax prints? If so, how much and how often?
• Are you printing black and white, or color?
• Do you need Tabloid size/format?
• What type of finishing do you need? Should your pages be stapled a certain way?

The more features you know you will use frequently and need, the less accessories you’ll wind up buying that will prove useless for your print jobs. If you need to have the device communicate with a server outside of Jacksonville, yet within the country, make sure you speak to your IT team to give you the Subnet, Gateway, and IP they want you to use here in Jacksonville.