Copier Leasing

A guide to copier leasing


Negotiating your copier lease is critical to getting a good deal on your next copier or printer machine. Here is a list of items that can result in substantial savings to your company:

1. Many copier leases include an unnecessary “documentation” fee. Usually pegged at $50-100 dollars, the “documentation” fee is for creating the lease. Ask your copier representative to get this fee waived.

2. Beware of hard to meet ten day late fees. If you only have ten days between receiving and sending back a payment, it could well be impossible for your company to process a check in a timely manner. The resulting late fees can be costly. Ask for a 30 day payment schedule.

3. Don’t be taken in by low per copy costs (such as a ½ per black and white copy). Look at all the fees and charged including those for color copies, added features, and supplies and toner and make sure that the payment seems reasonable.

4. Make sure when purchasing the copier that you give your sales representative proof of insurance for a new machine. Otherwise you may miss the deadline to provide insurance and be charged expensive long term fees for insurance paid for by the copier leasing company to protect their property.

5. Read all of the fine print. Don’t just assume that a lease is standard or think that you can’t possibly understand the legal jargon. If you see something in the lease that is confusing, ask your sales representative about the item…and if it does not make sense to you ask to have it changed.