Ricoh Aficio C2051 Copier in Jacksonville

Ricoh Aficio C2051 in Jacksonville

Every business needs a great copier. Ricoh office equipment has helped to keep offices Jacksonville working for over half a century. Quality is built-in to all their products, as the Ricoh Aficio C2051 clearly shows.

Build Quality

This product is well-built. All too often with electronics the materials feels cheap. This isn’t so with the Aficio C2051. There is an unbreakable quality that every piece of office equipment needs. A copier is meant to work for years and this copier certainly will fill the bill.


This multifunction copier can print up to 20 pages for minute. This speed helps to make quick work of any project, small or large. The Aficio C2051 also has the ability to print on both side of any sheet of paper. This helps to cut costs by using off a sheet.
There is a fast computer inside as well. Each machine comes with a 600 MHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM and a 160 GB hard-drive. This obviously isn’t just a copier, but a machine for the modern age.

To buy or not to buy

This is a great purchase for any business. The features will help an office be more efficient and productive. For more information on Ricoh copiers, call use today.