Getting a Good Copier Value

Money saving tips when buying a copier in Jacksonville

When buying or leasing a copier, the expenses involved can add up fast. A good copier is a complex machine and doesn’t come cheap. However, there are a few ways to help save money when purchasing and using a coping machine.

Decide what features are needed before looking for a copier. There are many brands of copiers from which to choose. Each copier has unique bells and whistles that are available. Only buy the features that you need in your business. This can help cut the cost of a copier greatly.

Consider the entire cost of the copier. This includes the cost of supplies like paper, toner, and parts. Also, think about what repairs and maintenance will cost for the machine. All this needs to be considered before a purchase.

Color is an option, not a necessity. If your business doesn’t need color copies, don’t buy a color copier. This will help save since color copies cost more. It is hard to know who is using and who isn’t using the copier at any given time, so eliminating color altogether will keep cost down.

There is so much data on the internet about copiers; there can be a data overload. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.