Buying a New Copier in Jacksonville

What questions should be asked when buying a copier in Jacksonville?

It is a grand day. A new office has opened in Jacksonville for a new business. New machines are being rolled in: Computers, a coffee maker, maybe even a snack machine. All these products were picked for their good qualities. Then the copier comes in: Used and worn out, with no thought given to the machine. This practice needs to stop.

How to buy a copier in Jacksonville

When your business decides to purchase or lease a copier, some questions need to be asked. Don’t assume the vendor selling you the product knows what your office needs. Every office is different and every business requires a unique type of copier. Ask these questions before buying or leasing a copying machine.

What type of budget do you have? This will help decide what type of copier to get.

Do you want a multifunction machine? This can help cut down costs in other areas

How many colored copies will you create? Color is more expensive. If you don’t need this feature, don’t get it.

What is your office space like? The size of area will help determine the size of the copier.

How fast do you need copies? Less expensive copiers tend to be slower.

These are just a few questions to ask. For more information on copier and features, give us a call.