Printers or Copiers in Jacksonville?

What is better, a printer or a copier?

The needs of a growing office are many. Papers needs to be printed, memos need to be copied. Emails often to be physically reproduced. This can lead to a crisis when buying new equipment. Should your office have purchase a copier or a printer? Since most modern printers can be used as copiers and most modern copiers can be used as a printer, the right answer depends on the specific needs of your company.

Cost per printed page

When you are looking for a printer or a copier, find out what is the cost per page. A copier often has a lower cost per printed page, meaning that every page could be reproduced in a much more cost effective manner. This could change depending on what your office needs. Research and decide which machine is cheaper for the type of printing your office is known to use.

Other costs

Another idea to keep in mind is that eventually every machine breaks down. What is cheaper to repair or replace? Both copiers and printers are shipping with less and less moving parts. Yet, each machine still has to have certain parts print on a page. Research what these parts cost and how often these machines break down.

If you need assistance, call a professional to help.