Did You Know Lanier, Savin and Ricoh are the Same Thing?

Change without Changing!

So you have been buying Savin Copiers or Lanier copiers in Jacksonville and the new rep coming around all the time sells Ricoh.  You don’t want a Ricoh because you love your Savin so much.  Just so you know, Ricoh builds Savin machines and also builds Lanier copiers.  So, the question is why…

As Ricoh has tried to develop a channel approach that works for all sizes of copier dealers, it is often easier to build a new brand to have some protection for dealers pushing their product.  Sound crazy?  Well, Kyocera does the same thing with Copystar.  It is different with Lexmark and Dell or Xerox and Samsung.  Dell purchases Lexmark devices and then puts their stickers, logos, etc on them.  They never manufacturer these printers.

Ricoh builds the Lanier line and the Savin line and it functions more to ensure their channels are not too messy.

Confused yet?  Why not give us a call so we can quote you a Lanier copier, err Savin copier, no – a Ricoh copier for your business in Jacksonville!