Copiers in Jacksonville for Sale

Copiers in Jacksonville

There are many different copiers in Jacksonville. Some of the models have great features but also have hidden costs. The cost for each click can make all the difference in whether the copier is a good deal for your business. To see how this works, consider two different Jacksonville copiers and their price tag. The first sells for $6,000 and the second is priced at $10,000.

Most business owners would automatically assume that the first copier is cheaper. In most cases, this assumption would be true. However, if your business runs an extremely high monthly volume and you require full color prints, the second copier might actually be the better bargain of the two.

The reason this works is because a color copier with a high per-click rate may be paired with a low price tag. The same is true for the copier with a high price tag and a low click rate. How do you know which copier in Jacksonville is better for your business? The answer often depends on the monthly volume you expect to print.

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