Cutting Copier Costs

Jacksonville Copier Cost Cutting Tips

Cutting costs for Jacksonville businesses has become absolutely critical in order to remain competitive. When analyzing the costs of acquiring a copier, the most commonly overlooked item is the per-page printing cost. Calculating the real cost of ownership can be confusing, but our professionals can simplify this process.

For example, a copier that costs $5,000 might seem like it is cheaper than a copier that costs $8,000. But is this true? It depends on how the machine will be used, the total duration of service and the quantity of color copies printed every month. If your company plans to print more than 3,000 color copies every month for the entire year, the expensively priced copier might actually be the better deal. This is because of the per-copy costs.

While a cheaper copy model might cost around 9 cents per click, a more expensive model will give you something like 6 cents per click. This is the general idea, but narrowing the options down to a few choices that will serve your business well can be tricky. To obtain this break-even analysis within a reasonable degree of accuracy, businesses need to know their average monthly print volume.

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