Used Copiers in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Copiers Used Tips

Some Jacksonville businesses purchase used copy machines in order to cut their costs. However, many companies do not think about all the different factors that add up to arrive at the total cost of owning a used copier.

Some of the most pressing questions used to conduct this analysis should be:

• What are the cumulative costs of the copier?
• What are the copier’s main functions?
• How many owners has the copier had?

This is a great starting point, but it is not comprehensive. If you need assistance in determining the real cost of purchasing a used copier in Jacksonville, consider contacting us. There are many items that should be included in the total cost analysis. Used copy machines can be a great bargain, but only if the unit has been properly maintained.

The length of time that it has been in service is another key factor. It is also important to know if the copier was used at a large or small organization. If the copier has a lot of advanced features and has a competitive per-print price, chances are that it has been used a lot. If so, it may show signs of excessive wear and tear.

If you would like a quote on a new or used copier in Jacksonville, please give us a call!