Colorqube Copier in Jacksonville

Xerox Colorqube in Jacksonville

Jacksonville businesses would do well to pay attention to a newly released technology: the Xerox Colorqube. This line of printers functions differently than many others; instead of using laser technology or impact printing, the Colorqube product line utilizes cutting-edge wax technology to print color or black-and-white documents.

The wax technology is cheaper and more efficient than a laser printer, and the nature of wax gives the impression of expensive gloss or lamination to even the cheapest papers. A typical color page costs only $0.03 to print, on average, and this is a huge advantage for Jacksonville companies that print with color on a regular basis. The only downside to this printer is that it is difficult to write on the printed pages because of the wax, and wax can slightly (very slightly) distort the color, which could be bad for, say, an interior design company if exact color-matching were necessary.

The Xerox Colorqube is available in three different models, the Colorqube 9301, the Colorqube 9302, or the Colorqube 9303. The primary difference between these three printers is their printing rates; the Colorqube 9303 prints faster than the Colorqube 9301 or 9302. Any of these three printers would be a worthy investment for a Jacksonville company, though.