Itemization And Your Jacksonville Copier Quote: Some Reasons Why

Technology on your Jacksonville copier is changing quickly, so get your quote itemized to know exactly what you're paying for!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture to guess that you have paid too much for a Jacksonville copier–especially if it’s color. The reason my money is on color is because that’s where Jacksonville copier reps tempt you into signing a contract by offering lower costs per print than most other companies. HOWEVER, getting an itemized quote will tell if you’re really getting that good of a deal. Many of them will give you a toner only pricing, but with color Jacksonville copiers there may be as many as 13 different consumables to account for. Here are a few:

  • Fusers can fail
  • Transfer belts aren’t always reliable
  • Imaging units aren’t all the same

The cost of replacement? Well that’s up to you! You get to figure out what’s a good deal for all of these items, and purchase them separately at inopportune times and pay extra for fast delivery. But if you get an itemized quote on your Jacksonville copier you can get these included, but the price tag will look higher. Covering your bases looks more expensive, but saves you in the long run on your Jacksonville copier!