Why To Look At The Lease Rate Ladders On Your Jacksonville Copier

Lease rate ladders and saving on your Jacksonville copier: A few strategies

Have you ever heard of Lease Ladders in reference to Jacksonville copiers? If you haven’t, you may have paid too much last time! If you want to picture one, picture a ladder where the rungs are closer together at the bottom, and spread out as you get higher. This is how many Jacksonville copier lease ladders are. If you get above the $1000 mark, you get a better rate, then the $3000 mark can be the next one, then $10,000. And so on. The best way to find out where the next tier or “rung” is is to ask! Here are a couple tidbits that may help when looking at your Jacksonville copier lease:

  • Ask your Jacksonville copier rep where the next break point is
  • If the price difference is substantial, buy anything extra to get to the next tier
  • Congratulate yourself because you just got more for paying less

Sometimes a $1000 dollars or more hangs in the balance, so if you can get more benefit (supplies, service, delivery, installation) and pay less then it’s easy to see why it makes sense! This isn’t a sales gimmick, it really is how Jacksonville copier leasing works–so find out the breaking points before you even tell your rep what you’re looking for! That way you know you’re getting objective information–but you’ll see that the numbers don’t lie when it comes to Jacksonville copiers!