How You May Be Next In Line For Savings On Your Jacksonville Copier If You Print Tabloid

Maybe You Should Be The Judge Of An Equitable Deal On Tabloid Printing For Your Jacksonville Copier

To click or not to click? 2 click or not to 2 click with your copier in Jacksonville? What kind of nonsense am I talking about?! Well it makes sense if you think about Jacksonville copiers clicking twice when they should be clicking once in regard to tabloid printing. When printing or copying letter or legal size paper it counts as one copy, one sheet, one “click.” However, Jacksonville copier reps have knowingly or unwittingly sold copiers in Jacksonville that count tabloid prints or copies as 2 clicks. That means that every tabloid size that you print is costing the same as two letter or legal size!! How is this can be a less than good deal; let’s look:

  • You pay twice as much for something as your neighboring business
  • You have unclear costs if you don’t know, and unclear means it’s probably a bad deal
  • If you MUST print lots of tabloid then it’s fine–just find a copier in Jacksonville that counts them as one

There can be a lot of money hidden in Jacksonville copiers, and we help you uncover it, fractions of pennies at a time that add up to thousands of dollars! Get only the most up-to-date information and cost-control with our great Jacksonville copier reps–deal with the best and call now for sound advice and clear quotes for YOUR needs.