Data Security And You: Your Interest In Keeping Data Secure On Your Jacksonville Copier

How Secure Is Your Data REALLY On Your Jacksonville Copier? It Can Pay To Know, And Cost To Not Know!

Would you leave your medical record sitting on the chair while you went in for an appointment in Jacksonville? Would you get angry if you found out that some of your personal health information was discovered by your co-workers? This doesn’t just apply to medical information, data security on a Jacksonville copier is a serious issue in all fields of work. Have you ever used your work copier to copy documents such as a credit card, driver’s license, social security card or anything else? Well chances are that your information is STILL on that hard drive for that copier! Who stands to be hurt or gain from such types of data security breach in Jacksonville copiers?

  • Anyone dealing with scanning, photocopying or printing anything of a personal or confidential nature
  • HACKERS want this informations
  • Law offices, HR departments, medical facilities, government agencies
  • Places like your gym, or anywhere else that you’re a member or have your CC on file or have your SSN

There are dozens of places where a Jacksonville copier can harbor unknowingly hordes of personal data, which makes data security in Jacksonville copiers all that much more important. Don’t gamble with this kind of information! Know that facts, and learn what you can do to protect yourself!