A Few Tricks To Getting Your Jacksonville Copier Networked For Scanning

The Future Of Networking For Scanning On Your Jacksonville Copier Is Looking Better

Have you ever experienced the pain of networking for scanning on your Jacksonville copier? We get comments like, “It should be included with installation” and “Why does it take so long?” Well Jacksonville copier owners are not alone in this heartburn. It usually isn’t included to help set it up because it takes so long, and networking a copier for scanning isn’t something everyone does. More and more Jacksonville copier owning companies are starting to network a copier for scanning for environmental issues, cost saving issues, and convenience. So if you didn’t get it included with your purchase, here are some good tips to make it cost less and have it be easier for your Jacksonville copier:

  • Have an IT person available when the installer comes
  • Have passwords and IP addresses available
  • Know which computers you want to have access to the scanning capability

By doing a little preparation work, you’ll save yourself lots of time and money taking the guesswork out of it. Jacksonville copier owning is demanding more and more in regards to scanning and networking a copier, so save the trouble and do your homework!