Base Prints For A Jacksonville Copier–Not What They Seem

Bad Plan For Jacksonville Copier Leasing: Extra Base Prints

If you had an insurance on something for a “measly” 36 bucks a month you’d most likely do it right? If it was important to you? Well Jacksonville copier scam artists sometimes called reps are selling you on this “insurance” against nothing! They sell you a Jacksonville copier, then convince you that a few thousand extra prints a month will keep you under for your base prints, and you shouldn’t have to worry about going over. But what these Jacksonville scammers don’t tell you is that by paying for prints you’re not even using is costing you 2,000 dollars over 5 years even if it’s just 3,000 extra prints. I’ll let you do the math on this common Jacksonville copier caper:

  • You like the idea of a 3,000 print safety cushion
  • You go for it, paying $0.012 per print FMV
  • Multiply those, then multiply by 60 months

Now just plug whatever numbers you’re working with to get the answer that applies specifically to your Jacksonville copier environment, and see how much you could save by not falling for the oldest trick in the Jacksonville copier book!