Challenges of Leasing a Copier in Jacksonville

Leasing a Copier Can Feel Like This In Jacksonville

Have you ever been stuck in a copier lease that you found out was a terrible deal in Jacksonville? Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but we all know who is to blame. That fast talking copier rep! But in reality, it was right there in writing, and it sounded good, and what the rep said was most likely true for the most part. So where is the disconnect that the rest of Jacksonville isn’t getting either? It’s misinformation and a lack of education on what is really being bought. Leasing in Jacksonville still pays for the equipment, so don’t think it’s a low cost rental.

You are paying good money for everything, it’s just spread out over 3 to 5 years. And then you don’t even get to keep the equipment that you paid for, and the Jacksonville rep comes back and lures you into another lease promising “Discounts” or “free equipment” and locks you in AGAIN! Don’t get trapped in this cycle in the first place, but if you do then just put your reading glasses on and see what the copier lease says, because it’s nice to not spend all that money up front. All options are valid, but make sure you educate yourself!