Packaging a Copier to Ship Back to a Leasing Company

Steps to Package a Copier in Jacksonville

Steps to Package a Copier in Jacksonville

Are you finishing your lease on a copier in Jacksonville?  If you have given your notice already and got the shipping address, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you don’t get unwelcomed bills in a month or two claiming damage to the copier.

  1. As you are packaging, take lots of pictures.  Take pictures to show the condition of the copier BEFORE packaging and take pictures so you can show you used due diligence in packaging.
  2. When in doubt, use extra padding.  Padding is cheaper than having to pay outrageous fees.
  3. Take out all consumable items and package seperately (same pallet, different box)
  4. Strap copier to pallet so it doesn’t shift too much
  5. Insure freight.

If you take these 5 simple steps, you are likely to be done with the copier lease in Jacksonville without any extra pain.