Don't Throw Away Good Money!

Don't Throw Away Good Money!

Many copier customers in Jacksonville are in the bad habit of throwing away perfectly good cash!  They are looking for a copier in Jacksonville and they just call their dealer and they never consider a used copier.  This is unfortunate because this is not always smart!  When does it make sense to purchase a new copier and when does it make sense to purchase a used copier?

When to buy new:

  • Image quality is crucial
  • Mechanical reliability is essential
  • You plan on owning the copier for at least 5 years
  • You can afford it

When to consider a used copier in Jacksonville:

  • You are not sure if it is a long term placement
  • You can live with the copier being down for a day or two here and there
  • Your budget is struggling mightily!

Please give us a call if you need a new or a used copier in Jacksonville!