The Top Ways to Get Ripped Off on a Copier!

Don't get Ripped Off on Your Copier Purchases!

Don't get Ripped Off on Your Copier Purchases!

If you have been responsible for copier purchases for any length of time, you understand there are a lot of details in purchasing copiers in Jacksonville!  Buying a copier is not always the easiest thing.  Each manufacturer wants you to buy their stuff, the sales reps for the copier companies are equally pushy!

We believe our job is primarily concerned with fixing hard costs which are not generally calculated.  The cost of the copiers, the cost of service, the cost of downtime.  All if these factors, which is rarely considered, make a huge cost difference!

So, a copier company will generally work to keep contracts locked in for long periods of time.  So, this is why you have the 5 year leases.  A saavy user will compare products and ask good questions.  If you “just trust your rep, you are probably headed the wrong way!  Unfortunately, most sales reps have become little more than a sales rep just pushing product which he/she cannot actually use properly!

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