Are Your Color Copier Costs Hitting Your Target?

Are Your Jacksonville Color Copier Costs Hitting the Mark?

Are Your Jacksonville Color Copier Costs Hitting the Mark?

There are a lot of factors that go into buying or leasing a color copier in Jacksonville.   First, there’s your color copy or print volume.   How many color copies you need to make per month dramatically affects what size copier you need for your business, church, or home office.

The second factor to look at when evaluating your Jacksonville color copier costs are how much coverage you have on the average color copy.   I discussed coverage in another article a while back.   If you understand how much toner or ink you’re actually putting on each print, you’ll be miles ahead of the curve when you’re comparing color copiers!

The third factor to consider is whether to buy or lease a color copier in Jacksonville.   Buying a color copier can actually save you thousands of dollars in the long run if your color print volumes are less than 2,000 per month.   A small color copier or color printer can be much less expensive to buy, and it frees up your extra capital to lease a mono (B&W) copier for your larger volume monochrome copies.   Instead of purchasing a huge color copier (which are thousands more!), you could have a small color copier and a separate B&W copier for all your regular photocopying!   Give us a call for more advice and a quote on your next color copier in Jacksonville!