Buying a Copier Doesn’t Have to be a Dogfight!

Facilities and IT Fight Over Copiers

Facilities and IT Fight Over Copiers

Do you work for a company in Jacksonville where there are power struggles over who is responsible for copiers?  It seems this is more common these days. You have a facilities whose responsibilities it has been for years to buy copiers now getting pushback from the IT department because these devices have to be networked. 

What are some ways to get facilities and IT on the same page? 

First, someone in authority should be making the ultimate decision of who they want to be purchasing copiers in Jacksonville.  If an authority chooses, it’ll be less likely there will be internal fighting.

Second, if the facilities person has taken care of the copier for years, seek out their advice, sometimes they have real reasons they choose what they did.

Finally, work together between the two groups and see what the facilities people need, if facilities is retaining purchasing authority, they should check with IT to make sure it can be networked easily with the existing IT infrastructure.

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