Are Your Copier Rep’s Questions Helpful?

Is your copier rep being helpful?

Is your copier rep being helpful?

There are a lot of questions you should be getting asked if your copier lease in Jacksonville is ending.   Most of the time, reps are tempted to just replace your old model with the newer equivalent or an even larger model.   This happens for a couple reasons: first, it makes them a lot of money, and second, well, it’s extremely easy to sell you on the idea.

Here are some questions your rep should be asking if he or she is really being helpful and geared toward getting you a copier that actually matches your needs:

1. Are you using the tabloid capabilities on your copier in Jacksonville? If you aren’t, this could save you thousands of dollars by moving down to a legal-sized copier.

2. Are you using the booklet making or other finishing options on your copier?  If you aren’t, this will most likely save you at least a thousand dollars.

3. How many pages are you averaging a month?  If you were offered unlimited prints, you were most likely oversold on supplies.   If your rep is charging you overages, this is almost always a good sign.   Make your monthly volume between 80 and 90% of your average monthly copies…unless you foresee a large jump in copier usage.   Paying overages is a good thing because it means you’re not paying for copies you’re not actually using.

If your rep is asking you these questions, you’re most likely in good hands.   If not, you’ll need to ask yourself these questions and make sure you’re not being oversold on your next copier in Jacksonville.   Give us a call for your copier needs…complete with helpful questions!