Being Green and Saving Money Go Hand in Hand

Being Green Gets Along With Your Budget

Being Green Gets Along With Your Budget

Most of the time when I mention being greener with your copier, managers and owners in charge of purchasing stiffen up and squint their eyes.   I know what they’re thinking…”hmm, sounds nice…and expensive.”   Well, that’s exactly the opposite of what going greener with your copier will be!   Green printing, unlike a lot of green supplies, will actually help your budget AND be better for the environment.

I think most people would like to go green, but when doing so costs extra cash, the percentage of those who actually do decreases…a lot.   So, here are a couple tips to help you print greener and save your green:

1. Bunch your copier runs together.   If you have several copy jobs, do them together.   This will increase the life of your copier in Jacksonville and use less energy for copier warm up time.

2. Duplex when possible.   This will save you from wasting extra paper.

3. Plan your workflow. Make sure your office is printing on the most efficient printer.   Injets and small laser printers are almost always much more expensive and way more wasteful than your largest copier or MFP.

These are simple tips, but if you follow all three, your budget and the earth will look a lot better!   Give me a call for a list of our most efficient (i.e., least expensive to operate) and greenest copiers here in Jacksonville.