Top 5 Tips For Buying A Copier in Jacksonville

Copier Jacksonville: 5 tips for Buying Yours

Copier Jacksonville: 5 tips for Buying Yours

Buying a copier in Jacksonville doesn’t have to take a bite out of your budget.   Copiers can be difficult to buy.   If you’re not in the industry, you don’t really know what copier best fits your needs. So, here’s a quick top 5 guide for buying your copier in Jacksonville:

1. Look at exactly how much you print per month now and the maximum you plan on printing in the next 4 years on a monthly average.   So you don’t overbuy, look at the “maximum monthly duty cycle” part of the spec sheet.   This is downloadable from every manufacturer’s copier website.   Divide the maximum monthly duty cycle by 10.   For example the HP 4345MFP series has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 200,000 pages.   That means that you can make up to 20,000 copies per month on this.   This is a maximum, so I’d probably recommend this machine for an office that averaged around 15,000 copier per month.

2. Look at upfront cost of equipment and the cost per copy cost of supplies.   Copier toner, drums, and other consumables are expensive here in Jacksonville (just like the rest of the world).   Generally, the lower the upfront cost, the more you’ll pay in toner.

3. Buy a copier that is fairly common brand name.   If you’re not on a maintenance plan, it will be a lot easier for you get competitive pricing for your copier maintenance in Jacksonville.

4. Know what options you want on your copier.   Do you need scan to e-mail?  Do you need stapling?   Do you ever really use tabloid paper?   Do you need a color copier? If you know what you don’t need, you can save a bundle in “extras” costs.   Like car sales, dealers don’t make as much money on selling you the base model.   If you don’t need the bells and whistles, don’t buy them.

5. Shop around.   Find the best model for your fit.   Get quotes on that exact machine (not all the extras copier reps will pitch you).

Buying a copier in Jacksonville doesn’t have to be difficult.   Follow these tips, and you’ll end up saving a lot on your next copier purchase in Jacksonville.   Give us a call and we’ll give you solid advice and information, and we’ll tell you to shop around.   You’ll most likely end up coming back because we believe in giving you all the facts about your next copier in Jacksonville.